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Super Joe #1 ~ A doodly good comic, filled with people I knew at the time. I still actually know them, but... you know... Right?

Super Joe #2 ~ Another doodly comic. WEEE!!

Super Joe #3 ~ ...yep. They just keep coming! It's whack, yo!

Super Joe #4 ~ It's just another manic... issue...

Super Joe #5 ~ Laying the comical beatdown!

Super Joe #6 ~ Ammonium is NH4

Super Joe #7 ~ Eat at Joe's. Because we treat chicken right. Only that isn't chicken. *SHOCK*

Super Joe #8 ~ Na na na na na na na na! JOE MAN!

Super Joe #!0 ~ It's actually number 9, but then there would be that whole Beatles referance, and I just didn't want to go there.

Super Joe #10.5 ~ Well I can't use ten! It's too similar to !0, now, isn't it?

Super Joe #11 ~ Man, this one is boring. I just talk and talk and say how big my flacid penis is.

Super Joe #12 ~ Fun fact. This is actually number thirteen, but I didn't scan that one in, and so you're left with this. And also, I'm working on a different computer, so that means that I'm editing in raw HTMl. Hope I don't fuck up!

Super Joe #13 ~ Ahh.. Here's the one that is 12. Horray. This was when I had a job!

Super Joe #14 ~ NEW GIRLFRIEND! LAWLZ!!!1 Yeah, she didn't last long.

Super Joe #A Zillion ~ OMGWTFBBQPHD!

Super Joe #16 ~ Ha ha! Yeah, the last one was really 15. Oh man, you suck. Like this comic.

Tales Of The Stupid #1 ~ Here's a really old comic I did in, like, 2000. Oh wow, why is it so awful? It's just so... uggghhhh... What the fuck? This can't be 2000. Holy shit.

Tales Of The Stupid #2 ~ Well, I guess I'm really going to finally do it. Scan all of this shit in.

Tales Of The Stupid #3 ~ Are you interested yet? Yeah, me neither.

Straight Curve ~ My first attempt at a 24 hour comic. I don't know what I was thinking, and I'm sorry.

The Worst 24-Hour Comic Ever ~ It's so very bad! Oh my! Because I went to sleep. Shitty.

Xaiver's First Christmas ~ It's a charming story of a little boy who wants to know Christmas.

J-Walkin' ~ My main web comic. The beggining of this whole internety comicy thing.

Joke Causes Stupid ~ This is one big in-joke. And a bad one, at that!

The Further Adventures of Captain Cowboy ~ A comic strip I did for my college newspaper. I tried to parody stereotypes that were prevalent during this sort of strip's time, but that you still see now for some reason. It's also friggin' funny.

Not Fantastic Four ~ Another series that didn't last. Hey man, I get bored easy. Also it's totally original and has nothing to do with the Fantastic Four whatsoever, and if Marvel's law machine gets on my ass I deny knowing anything about it.

Joe Nadeau's Wacky Orchestra ~ A comic I thought up one day, where the reader would be the writer of the strip. Didn't go as planned. It's over now.

Blam's Lame Adventure ~ A five part epic... of lameness!!

The Misadventures of Steve ~ A series that I was going to keep going, but then just decided not to.

Fusion D Guest Strips ~ Ever hear of Fusion D? It was by a buddy of mine. I did these guest strips.


Idiot Savant ~ Oh look. Another page I found that isn't funny and doesn't go anywhere.

TEST ~ A test for a comic strip. But fuck it.

Creetarded ~ Ha ha ha! Indians! I mean.. Native Americans.


Barfy McPuke ~ Look out! It's wacky! In a lame way.

Ernie Punkowski ~ It's the story.. of a guy named Ernie.. He's Jewish and he doesn't like your face.

Mister Bot-Face ~ Robots don't laugh.

The Fantastic Mr. Box Head ~ It's totally different than Mister Bot-Face. Sorta'.

SEX ~ Inspired by my pal Ghastly.

Three Amigos ~ It's a little tale featuring Raoul Duke, Father Anderson, and The Chainsaw Vigilante.

Zoee's Comic ~ It's umm... I made it for this lady. She's deff. And phat. And dope. And she can't hear.

Bored ~ Blah... poop... JOE IS BORED!

Blam and Bark ~ It's one page.. with Blam and Bark. And some other people.

Bunny ~ It's dumb, but I made it anyway. Who's gonna stop me? Power to the people.

Canadaia ~ It was going to be a Blam comic. Then a Super Joe comic. But then it was this.

Social Anxiety ~ I felt crappy. What can I say?

What is Life? ~ I don't know what I called it that. This was also going to be part of a Super Joe comic.

Orange ~ Whoo! It's orange! And evil!

School Time ~ A twelve part, poorly done series. I was going to make it a regular thing but I got bored with it.

2 Page Story ~ I just drew a comic with two pages. And there's pie!

No, I Mean ~ It should be "I can TALK to a girl just fine." I forgot one word. So sue me.

What is Funny? ~ Ah ha ha ha! THIS! ...at least I think it is. It's still funny when people fall down, right?

Dinosaur ~ Rrrrooooaaarrrrr!!!!

I Suck ~ No, really... I do... Hey, look. Blue in hair. I really had that.