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Mr. Audacious
(original creation)

Jack Simmons was down on his luck. He'd just gotten fired from his latest
crappy job, and the landlord was breathing down his neck. That's when he saw
the ad in the paper. "Big Bucks for Drug Testers." It wasn't so bad. You got
to take all sorts of trippy things and they paid you for it. Then one day
something went wrong. There was a mixup and Jack ended up getting a few
things he shouldn't have. A few minutes later he kneeled over in pain. After
a short trip to the hospital, and an amazing recovery, it was discovered that
the cells in his body were almost impossible to damage. Reading too many
comic books as a kid, he decided the only way to use this incredible power
was to fight crime, and thus he became Mr. Audacious, hero to the common man.

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