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06.15.2006 ~ So, I never use this news, right? It's probably because the only stuff I ever update is Freedom Force skins... that's on the extras section, by the way. I put up Not Fantastic Four on the comics page some time ago though. That was pretty funny, for about five minutes, back when people were like "The movie is gonna come out!!" Remember when I scanned those older comics? Should I do the rest? No, I'd probably break my other scanner... Le sigh. Oh well!

03.04.2006 ~ Oh man, I just realized that all this shit on this site, that is mostly crap I did in high school, is totally gay. TO THE EXTREME! Just kidding, I always knew that. Even when I was making it. I updated some stuff, probably. I forget. Whatever. Maybe I will scan in those old comics I said I would. Maybe somebody will care? Ha ha, no. No, of course that will not happen.

01.04.2006 ~ Guys, guess what I heard. Love... is a battlefield. But seriously, there's a new Super Joe comic up. Happy James?! It's not good. PS: I fucked her in the face.
PPS: CRAPPY NUDE REAR! Wait.. that's not funny.

12.27.2005 ~ So everything is getting changed to comicgenesis instead of keenspace, or some crap. I have no idea. The point is... I don't know. New skins I guess. I made another Super Joe. Maybe I will scan that in? Maybe I will scan in something else? Maybe I will just forget this webpage exists forever! (Haven't I already?)

04.22.2005 ~ And, a couple more... skins. Yeah. Also some Flash crap. NOT ALL OF IT THOUGH! YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT, IDIOTS!

04.20.2005 ~ Well, my scanner broke, so I guess no more Blam comics. Yeesh! They got better, really. On the other hand, here's a new FF skin I made. It's actually good.

04.11.2005 ~ Suddenly I put up some Blam comics for no reason. Bear with me here, people, it's from when I was 15 or some shit like that. OY!

11.20.2004 ~ New Super Joe. It sucks though.

11.14.2004 ~ Hay you guys. You have been checking the extras page right? I've got a lovely little tale about a certain Timothy Arcane up there now. I'm assuming it is wonderful because I wrote it, but I have not read it in ages, so I may be wrong. Check it out anyhow. Hmm.. I should put up those dumb movie/play scripts I have written.

11.04.2004 ~ So now I've put up some lousy song lyrics on the extras page. Isn't that marvelous?

10.11.2004 ~ Hmm.. I appear to have done a new random comic. How odd.

10.02.2004 ~ OH WOW, CHILDREN! More Super Joes. That means I am finally caught up with the scanning. Of course Super Joe #13 is about a year old. And 14 is like 8 months old. But still.. Nobody cares anyhow. GO SUCK AN EGG!

08.04.2004 ~ In case you idiots haven't noticed, I have totally redesigned the site. IT WAS A LOT OF HARD WORK! Replace hard with boring, since the work was actually easy. I just had to change around colours. Don't e-mail me telling me I messed something up. I know one page is yellow. I know some stuff is weird. I meant it like that, fool. PS: I don't know what is up with the advertisments.

04.11.2004 ~ Hey guys... Super Joe #12 is finally up. Oh man! I like this one, actually. CHECK IT OUT!

01.15.2004 ~ Holy shit. So long since an update. Well Tunndrah's legacy is now up and running. Give it a looksie.

07.23.2003 ~ Dude, there's a new Super Joe up. Ha! Like, totally!

07.21.2003 ~ New lame comic up. Oh man, I want to kill myself. I am soooo bored.

05.08.2003 ~ Guess what! It's an actual comic update! More or less... CHECK IT OUT!

05.06.2003 ~ More Freedom Force stuff. I love that game. Download skins, but not HERO files.

05.01.2003 ~ I added my Freedom Force skin gallery to.. well art. I don't have the skins up for download yet, but that will come soon. As will character discriptions.

04.21.2003 ~ Been some time, eh? Well there's a new Super Joe, but that's about it. Nothing to write home about though. Blame Caroline. She's my new, current, first girlfriend.

02.12.2003 ~ Super Joe is finally up to date. That's right... All I've done is scanned in. I guess that means I should get working on new ones some time soon. Also... ART. Watch out, it's naked.

01.20.2003 ~ HOTTIE BOOM BOTTIE! What is that you say? What about Claire? Yes, I still love Claire, but I also love this girl, Anna. She is so great! I think I love Anna more. I would marry her right now... if she wasn't 14. Yeah. (Edit: Okay, I was crazy. I mean, she's 14! Infatuation? Maybe... Not that I don't still like her, but marriage? Sheesh. I'm not ready for that, period.) (PPS: But I still do love her. Also she's 15 now.)

01.13.2003 ~ Guess what! It is the future! But seriously buddy, Joke Causes Stupid is now being hosted here since it's own comicgenesis page never wants to work. Curse-ed thing. But I guess it's okay when you think about it. I mean really. Without it this whole page wouldn't exists, and nobody wants that, right? RIGHT?!?

12.05.2002 ~ Well there's Super Joe #8. If I can just scan #9, I'll be done. I mean unless I draw more. Scanning is tougher and tougher while my computer constantly gets shittier and shittier. If only I was more of a geek maybe I could fix it up. Oh well.

11.16.2002 ~ Some ramblings. Hey, maybe I'll make random comics at the wedding. Which I will be attending.

10.29.2002 ~ So close to Halloween. Do I have something scary for you? No I do not.

Next Day ~ More random comics.

09.06.2002 ~ Rah bah bah.. Guess what! Super Joe SIX and SEVEN are up. Now.

08.24.2002 ~ Yo, yo. There be new fan art and art by me. But where's the new comics? I don't know!

08.20.2002 ~ I suck.

07.10.2002 ~ I guess... the ramble is new...

07.02.2002 ~ Fuckin' yeah! The Worst 24-Hour Comic EVER is up! Read it!

06.20.2002 ~ More RANDOM-ness.

06.04.2002 ~ One month, eh? Well you'll be happy to know that Blam's Lame Adventure is now up. I just doodled it when I was bored...

05.03.2002 ~ Super Joe #5. Can you believe that? I'm working on another one already...

04.16.2002 ~ BUT IS IT ART?!?

04.10.2002 ~ Budda bing! Finally added a couple of random comics. Oh, and I drew more Steve last Friday! STEVE!

03.30.2002 ~ Super Joe #4 is finaly up bizatch. Although I have drawn up to number 8... I should scan them all. BUT IT TAKES TOO DARN LONG, DARN IT!! Oh, and I took off the... almost dates that I had on the comic book page. Who needs them anyway? But when will I actually do the creator's page? Huh? When? ...how about later?

03.26.2002 ~ Art Gallery updated. New fan art too... And check this.

03.03.2002 ~ Check out Xaiver's First Christmas. Guess when I made that. At Christmas. You see?

03.03.2002 ~ Rah bah bah. Random comics and also ramblings. Who cares? Does anybody even check this page?

22.01.2002 ~ Well it's been a while. Keen had some problems. Anyway, now Steve is up. Hopefully more of this little ditty will come into being in a timely manner. Something else might be up to. I didn't keep track of what I was doing.

16.12.2001 ~ All the School Times are up now. So there.

02.12.2001 ~ Ramblings and random comics are slightly updated. The art galleries are also being made.

26.11.2001 ~ School Time #1 is up! More to come!

25.11.2001 ~ Some random comics are up. ...yep

20.11.2001 ~ Super Joe #3 is up too. Hey! They were already scanned!

17.11.2001 ~ Super Joe #2 is up now.

12.11.2001 ~ I've been working on the comics pages. They'll get done one day. Oh, and Super Joe #1 is up.

09.11.2001 ~ Straight Curve is so up. And soon... other comics will be too. Look for a strip to start the first Sunday of next month. I hope. [EDIT: THIS WAS A FILTHY LIE :ENDEDIT]

04.11.2001 ~ The site is up, but not quite running. Lots of stuff to be done today. This might take a while... Then again it might not. You can never really tell with this sort of thing. You just have to wait it out. Expect the page to get more graphics and content though. Otherwise it'd be lame.