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What the...?

Oh, I get it now. It's kind of like a Livejournal post, only I can write this offline for upload at a later date.

What would possess me to do something so retarded, you ask? I will tell you... there's a little thing called a power bar. It uses one outlet to give power to various devices. That's right. You can plug 5, 6, or sometimes even more things into, essentialy, one plug in! Wave of the future, right? WRONG! It's not... it's been around for a while. Anyway, today my computer would not work. It kept crashing after start-up. I thought, "Oh. Guess I'll have to check to see if everything is connected properly." See, that's happened before. What do you expect? We've got four animals that walk all about the wires... Okay, three. The fourth one is too fat to fit in there. Anyway, it all seems fine. So maybe I'll check out the computer. I'm not very learn-ed in the ways of hardware, so I do the regular dumby stuff. Or not. I don't know. I just kinda clean it a bit (good, because there war layers of dust on this computer. There's more inside...) and check the insides to see if anything is out of place, perhaps. I wondered if maybe it be a software problem, yar. But I can't check the software if I can't turn on the machine.

Am I going on? Yes. Then again, it is a ramble so I could start talking about cheese, and it would be perfectly fine. Speaking of... NO! Anyway, soes I finaly realize it's the power bar. I smeck my head like a dope. So then I'm searching the house for an hour looking for a power bar, or an extention chord, or something. Anything. I've got this J-Walkin' strip I did, see? And it's all ready late. And I need to scan it. I NEED TO! But alas.... we don't have any... We don't... So I can't go online, or scan, or print, or hear. All I've got is the moniter, and the box. THE INTELLIGENCE BOX! THE COMPUTER ITSELF! IT WILL EAT MY FEET!

...on the other hand... I've got shrimp and pastsa. Yummy. But I feel like Pauly. Not because of the not online thing. Or because of the shrimp thing. Because I've been drinking Dr. Pepper... a lot... Every day. See, my family went camping for a week, so they bought me a bunch of it. And microwave pasta tray things. They are good. This shrimp is yummy. Although when you think about it, kind of gross. And when you look at it. It makes me want to vomit a bit when I see it... but it tastes so good. Rah bah bah... I put pepper on everything... somebody called so I'm going to leave my house. I think I will take the bicycle.

Good day.