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I know you’ve gone
We’ve parted ways
But I think about you
Every single day
And I long for the day when
We will meet again
I want to hold you
Close to me
And feel your body’s
And even if you don’t love me
And just want to be friends

I’m fine with that

Oh yeah, I’ve loved you
For so long
I should’ve told you
In days long gone
But I never found the strength
To say it to your face
And even if you don’t
Feel the same way
My love will grow
With each passing day
But it’s all right
We can still just both be friends

I’m fine with that

Oh girl I need
To have you here
To be by my side
My sweet sweet dear
And if you’re gone too long
My world will fall apart
But you don’t know
How much I care
How much I love you
My dearest Claire
I don’t think you’ll ever know
I don’t want to just be friends

And I’m not fine with that