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Wake up in the morning
Just about six
Got to go to work
Or some sort of shit
I’m totally confused
I’m out of my mind
And then it dawns on me I’ve never seen a certain time

Cuz there’s no such thing As five AM

Get into my jumpsuit
Hop into my car
Gotta go the distance
But the distance ain’t too far
Figured out the universe
Gonna write a book
But there’s still one thing that’s bugging me so let’s give it a look

There’s no such thing As five AM

Radish Head, she told me, told me
“Keep this up and you’ll loose you mind”
But nobody ever showed me
And I think you’re gonna find

That there’s no such thing As five AM

I want to live
And I want to learn
And I want to teach you how to hook up a worm
I want to breathe
And I want to feel
And I want to know who invented the wheel
I want to touch
And I want to see
And I want to invite you over for tea
I want to love
And I want to lose
And I want to find myself amused

I’m the unsung hero of nothing
But I’ve got a lot to do
I’ve got to rent a mountain bike
And peddle to the zoo
I’ve got to feed the llamas and
I’ve got to shuck the sheep
At four O’clock I tuck the other animals to sleep

Cuz there’s no such thing As five AM