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I look to the stars
I wonder if I could go there some day
But then it dawns on me
The aliens might probe my ass

Then again I might like it

Homosexual aliens, they're coming
Coming down from outer space
Don't worry, you hillbillies
Those aliens have better taste
They've got the prettiest ships
And they move with flare and grace
I think maybe I'll have to go with
Homosexual aliens from outer space

Kick it

Sometimes late at night
I wonder if I could meet them
And even if they're straight, I don't care
Then again they could be asexual

But I'm not discriminatory

Homosexual aliens, they're coming
Coming down in UFOs
And after they're done mutalating livestock
Perhaps they'll go get some man-hos
And they'll probably go out to a night club
When you meet them just go with the flow
It won't hurt if you do it properly
Umm... or so somebody told me I don't really know

No really... I just heard.. f.. from a friend...

Rock out