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You step outside
You look so good
Every day of your life
You get the mail
Just like you should
I ride by on my bike
You wave hello
I wave back
There’s magic in the air
Then I skid to a halt
Make tire tracks
I didn’t see that car there

Everybody loves you
Everybody always will
Yeah they all adore you
They want you to get your fill
But do they really know you

From the first time
I saw you
I thought you were wicked boss
Bright blue eyes
And bright pink shoes
Yeah my brain was at a loss
You walked by
My knees got weak
I felt my insides turn to goo
I could hardly
Even speak
All I could think of was you

Everybody loves you
Everybody always will
No need to buy anything
Somebody else will get the bill
But do they really know you

Years went by fast
Then they were gone
Hands of the clock just went and stole
And you had since
Long moved on
But you still held my soul
Then out of nowhere
I got a letter
And that letter was from you
It said your coming to town
To make it better
And now I wasn’t feeling blue

Yes I’ve always loved you
And yeah I always will
Oh I want to hold you
Till my final end comes still
But do I really know you