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Me and my girlfriend we
Got on a game show and we
Hoped to win lots of
Fabulous cash prizes but we
Did not expect things to
Turn out like they did

We both were sent to separate
Parts of an island where we
Were surrounded by people of the
Opposite sex and just
Let me tell you that these
People were hot

Oh I never thought that I could
Want somebody the way that I
Wanted my baby but those
Girls were flirty and I
Found out my darling cheated
On Temptation Island

On Temptation Island
My baby, baby cheated
On Temptation Island
Yeah she cheated on me

Oh yeah I saw the tapes where
She hung out with the guys and
She got salt licked off
Of her stomach and I
Felt kind of bad
So I cheated too

There was this red head and she
Wanted to touch my penis and she
Tickled my fancy among
Other things and I
Pretty much liked the
Whole ordeal

So anyway there we were just
Sitting in a hot tub and we
Got kind of drunk and she
Took advantage of me but
I didn’t mind so I
Cheated on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island
Oh yeah, oh yeah, I cheated
On Temptation Island
Well what else should I have done

Well then my girlfriend got a
Hold of this info and she
Got kind of upset even though she
Cheated first I wonder
How many times that
I’ve said cheated

She decided to get revenge so she
Had sex with some guy there and I
Found out about it so I
Had sex with some girl and we
Both got upset
With each other

So I was mad and she was
Pissed off herself and we got
Kicked off of the island cuz we
Said we had a kid but really we
Were just angry at the cheating
On Temptation Island

On Temptation Island
Who’d have guessed there’d be cheating
On Temptation Island
Why would you ever cheat there

What a shame this world is in
A time when we’d make game shows
To see couples break up
Why would make them start

On Temptation Island
Like we like to see them cheating
On Temptation Island
This passes for entertainment

Temptation Island
Temptation Island
Temptation Island
God reality TV sucks